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Complaining About

Utility Bills and Service


Here's a summary of the complaint procedure contained in Public Service Commission of Utah rules. 

[After the summary, in parentheses, there are comments based on ratepayers' experiences.

This stuff is complicated, so we recommend you read it all carefully.  Let us know if you don't understand something.

If you have a utility complaint, you can ask the Utah Ratepayers Association for advice and help.  We can't promise anything, but the sooner you contact us, the more helpful we may be able to be.

Contact details are at the bottom of this page.]

You can find the rules for complaints about residential electric, gas, water, and sewer utility rates and services regulated by the Commission in Utah Administrative Code R746-200-8, 9 and 10, under the heading Informal Review

Click here to read the electric, gas, water, and sewer rules:  http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r746/r746-200.htm

The rules for telecommunications rates and services regulated by the Commission are very similar, and can be found in UAC R746-240-7 and 8.

Click here to read the telecommunications rules:  http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r746/r746-240.htm

The First Step - Call the Utility

First, if you believe your bill is wrong or unfair, or the service you received was unacceptable, you must try to resolve it with the utility company. 

[Since every dollar it doesn't collect comes straight off its bottom line, a utility will usually offer only what it knows the Commission will order it to do after a formal complaint and hearing.]

Billing Disputes

You do not have to pay any disputed amounts while an informal or formal complaint about them is under way.

As long as you pay any undisputed amounts, the utility may not shut your service off for non-payment.

[Let the utility know you aren't satisfied and intend to make an informal complaint.  Ask for confirmation that it will not terminate your service until the complaint is resolved to your satisfaction, or you withdraw it, or the Commission makes a determination about it.]

The Next Step - Make an Informal Complaint

Click here to learn about making an Informal Complaint:     Informal Complaints

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